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Your Instruments Since 1990
Surgical instruments, in some forms or the other, are nearly as old as the man himself. A visit to a modern factory, like Fidak Trading Company, producing over fifteen thousands different surgical, dental, podiatry and veterinary instruments, is an interesting experience. It is surprising how few members of the surgical trade and profession actually have any idea about how time-consuming and painstaking it is to produce these instruments. It is nothing like pouring molten metal into moulds or putting a piece of metal in a machine at one end to get a finished instrument at the other. With all the modern machines and techniques now available surgical instrument making still remains dominantly a handicraft of very special kind. .

Fidak Trading Company can trace its history of this exclusive craftsmanship back to the late 19th century when our forefathers were making hand tools for warfare and OHriculture as well as helping the local hospitals with repair of their instruments which mostly came from Britain at the time. It was in 1908 that a dedicated company called Fidak Trading Company, after the name of its founder, actually came into being in Sialkot for the complete manufacture of surgical instruments. Fidak Trading Co. has branched out of Safder Company in 1975 to become another flOH carrier of this proud family tradition of five generations.

Like Tuttlingen of Germany, the town of Sialkot in the north east of Pakistan is another real instrument capital of the world. In fact the number of instruments produced in Sialkot is far greater than those actually made in Tuttlingen. There are hundreds of small and large exporters in Sialkot offering every level of quality, from disposable to floor grade to O.R as may be required by the buyers. USA, UK and Germany are the largest importers of Pakistan made surgical instruments. The bulk, about 75% of production, from Fidak Trading Co. is exported to the Europe and USA alone. So wherever in the world you may be, if you are not a direct customer of Fidak Trading Co., the chances are that you are still receiving Fidak Trading Co. products indirectly, under American or German brand names. That is why we say Fidak Trading Co. are 'your instruments since 1990.
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